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“Get Out the Vote”

Decrypt Studios collected 64k sign ups to vote for the inaugural Crypties Awards with a 40% vote cast rate* by airdropping NFTs to their community!

Profile & Objective

Decrypt Studios, founded by Decrypt Media, harnessed the power of web3 email to power voting in a way that has never been done before!

There are many DAO voting tools in existence. However, as a project and community grows larger, communication of crucial information can be lost in the noise of multiple channels and mechanisms. Consequently, a drop of engagement occurs for many web3 projects at volume.

This is the issue EtherMail solved for Decrypt Studios to successfully execute voting for the inaugural Crypties Awards in 2022.



through various social media channels


Email Open Rate

on the welcome and voting emails


Sign Ups

as a result of the marketing push


Vote cast rate*

via airdropped Voting NFTs

*The vote cast rate is calculated on the users which were eligible

The voting

What are The Crypties Awards?

The Crypties Awards are the leading annual awards initiative recognising the brightest achievements in web3. Think of the Oscars, but for the entire blockchain ecosystem. The Crypties were created by Decrypt Studios, a web3 production studio.

In alignment with the web3 ecosystem, voting in The Crypties was achieved via a decentralized token-gated voting system made open to the public. Voters cast their ballots for nominees across nine categories such as NFT Project of the Year, DAO of the Year, and more.

What is token-gating?

Token-gating is a tool for web3 projects to offer rewards that are available only to token holders. NFT projects often use token-gating to reward people who hold their NFTs. The benefits can range from access to exclusive content, entrance to virtual or IRL events, or other rewards such as ‘holders-only’ Discord channels.

EtherMail facilitated Decrypt in creating a community of voters and distributing to them the Crypties voting NFT. Furthermore, moving forward Decrypt can continue to engage this community by sending updates about the Crypties directly into their EtherMail inboxes, made possible by token-gated dynamic mailing lists. In other words, even after voting Decrypt can continue to stay in touch with anyone who requested a Crypties Awards voting NFT.

Over 60k people signed up through EtherMail. 40% of eligible sign ups voted for the awards!

How did the voting process work?

Users who wanted to vote for The Crypties had to first create an EtherMail account. To create an account, the user was directed to the Crypties Awards Community Page where they could sign up to receive their voting token.

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New EtherMail users followed a simple 3 -step process-

Step 1

A simple wallet connect to claim their EtherMail account.

Step 2

Navigating to the Crypties token-gated voting platform from a Welcome Email automatically sent to their new EtherMail inbox.

Step 3

Voting! The user’s voting token was airdropped to the crypto wallet associated with their EtherMail address, which gave access to the token-gated awards voting portal. Upon submitting their votes, the user’s voting token was burned and they were airdropped an ‘I Voted' token.

Only the beginning

As the Crypties Awards was the first-of-its-kind awards show in the web3/crypto space, the partnership with EtherMail was able to successfully create awareness of the awards and the opportunity for the community to vote for them, bringing in 50k+ impressions and over 10.5k engagements across 3 tweets.

With 64k community sign ups and a vote cast rate of 40%*, this collaboration proved the efficacy of many future opportunities for upcoming campaigns within the web3 ecosystem.

As the blockchain ecosystem continuously evolves at such a rapid pace, so too does the requirement for direct web3 communication such as web3 email with EtherMail.

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Products used

Icon community
Community landing page
Icon wallet
Wallet verification: transaction history filter + Thor Protocol
Icon voting
Voting Mechanism: tokens airdropped + “cast your vote” emails
Icon analytics
Email analytics


Josua Roth Avatar

Joshua Roth

VP of Development, Decrypt Studios

The EtherMail x Crypties “Get Out the Vote” campaign proved the power of EtherMail as a customer engagement, awareness, and information distribution tool. Not only were we able to reach a wide audience of new users, but the product’s flexibility allowed us to define our parameters of voting and provide great ease of use for our voters.

*The vote cast rate is calculated on the users which were eligible

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